Telco Area Outage

Republic Bank of Arizona, with its main office and branch located at 645 E. Missouri Ave. suite 108, Phoenix, AZ 85012, is currently experiencing issues with its Telephone provider which are causing us to have difficulty receiving and making calls. Callers may receive notification stating "due to telephone company outages your call cannot be completed as dialed" or simply hear a busy signal using either our main incoming line (602) 277-2500 or any employee's direct dial line.

We are, however, able to receive email communication to our customer service address ( as well as directly to employee email addresses. Please use this form of communication for phone inquiries at this time and we will have the person needed respond to your inquiry using alternative voice communication methods.

We are working with our technology provider to resolve this issue in an expedited fashion. In the interim, we invite clients to reach out to us using email communication and/or to our Bankers directly using their cell phone numbers. We apologize for any inconvenience this has created.