Breaking Through the Noise with the Real Story


With all the doomsayers monopolizing the media warning of inflation, continued Fed rate increases, and current/impending recession -- which they insist will result in credit deterioration, banks tightening credit underwriting standards and a “credit crunch” -- a false impression is being cast over the entire industry. Yes, we have seen some very large banks fail within the last few months for a variety of factors both internal and external.

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RBAZ Remains Safe & Sound


With news of the first bank failures in over a decade and continuing throughout the week with additional banks -- including one with a name similar to ours -- coming into the news cycle, we want to assure customers, shareholders and other stakeholders that Republic Bank of Arizona remains stable and secure.

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RBAZ Brings Local Banking to Gilbert


Republic Bank of Arizona opens its first location in the East Valley, bringing local banking to residents and business in the Gilbert community.

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Today’s Workforce Challenges Require a Bold New Approach


Competition for talent is higher than we've experienced in decades. Today's workforce challenges exemplify the importance of businesses to retain their best employees, while at the same time, position themselves to standout as an attractive place for new employees to start or continue their careers. Easier said than done? Perhaps not.

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Celebrating 15 Years Serving Arizona Businesses


The setting was the Moon Valley Country Club where a group of local business and community leaders gathered to discuss the prospect of starting a local business bank dedicated to serving Arizona's business and nonprofit communities. The general consensus was that the local business community was not being properly served by the large national banks. This diverse group with business, higher education, nonprofit and community experience and connections wanted to change that.

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