How to Keep Your Sales Pipeline Flowing


Our business bankers have built and continue to maintain a prospect pipeline with significant depth and breadth that truly enhances their business development efforts. How do they do this, and how can their success and experience help you develop the same for your business?

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Is Equity Financing Right for You?


Equity financing provided by an angel investor or venture capital fund (think "Shark Tank") carries no scheduled monthly payments, and provides extra working capital that can be used to grow and market your business. An advantage is that the investor takes the risk - if your company fails, there is no obligation to repay.

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Q1 Financial Position Demonstrates Bank’s Strength


Consolidated earnings were $462,000, or $0.26 per share, for the quarter ended March 31, 2023 compared to $374,000, or $0.21 per share, for the comparative period in 2022. Current quarter consolidated earnings of $0.26 per share were attributable entirely to core operations, whereas prior quarter consolidated earnings of $0.21 per share were comprised of $0.18 per share attributable to core operations and $0.03 per share due to impacts from the Paycheck Protection Program.

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LIBOR Transition: What You Need to Know


While Republic Bank of Arizona has few loans tied to LIBOR, we want to keep you informed of the important changes coming, what they mean and how you can prepare for any impacts this phase-out may have on you or your business.

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Rated 5 Stars by Bauer Financial


Republic Bank of Arizona received a 5-Star Rating from Bauer Financial, the nation's premier bank rating firm. This rating recognizes Republic Bank of Arizona as one of the strongest banks in the nation.

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