Let’s Get Local


We see national headlines of mass layoffs in the tech and residential mortgage industries, calls to come back in the office by major corporations and a slowing housing market. But what about Phoenix metro? Let’s take a look.

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RBAZ Remains Safe & Sound


With news of the first bank failures in over a decade and continuing throughout the week with additional banks -- including one with a name similar to ours -- coming into the news cycle, we want to assure customers, shareholders and other stakeholders that Republic Bank of Arizona remains stable and secure.

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Q2 – Recession or Not?


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Taking a Disciplined Approach to Setting Interest Rates


After our record loan growth of $14 million late in the fourth quarter, our Q1 loan production moved into an anticipated and natural quiet period. We also experienced some significant loan payoffs as our business owners took advantage of record valuations to sell their business assets.

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