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Do You Need Cyber Liability Insurance?


It may not be something you've ever thought about, or even heard of. Cyber liability insurance is a growing need for businesses -- and not just big businesses and national corporations, according to Ryan Murray, a vice president at Crest Insurance Group and the speaker for Republic Bank of Arizona's July ShopTalk event.

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What a Popular Board Game Can Teach Us About Cyber Breaches


My eight-year-old granddaughter LOVES playing Clue, so we've been playing a lot lately. During our recent ShopTalk at Republic Bank of Arizona, I began to notice a lot of similarities between the game of Clue and our topic: Cybersecurity.

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More Tricks, No Treats for Scammers Targeting Small Businesses


It can be scary stuff when fraudsters target your business to bilk you out of money. According to the Better Business Bureau and FBI, it's happening more and more often. Don't get tricked, be on the lookout for these top scamming schemes.

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The Frightening Side of Smart Home Devices


Traditionally only a few of your devices at home could connect to the Internet, such as your laptop, smartphone, or gaming console. However today, more and more devices are connecting to the Internet, from your lightbulbs and speakers to your TV, locks on your door or even your car. Soon, almost every device in your house could be connected to the Internet. These connected devices often go by the name of Internet of Things (IoT) or Smart Home devices. While these connected devices bring a great deal of convenience, they also bring unique dangers.

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