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Celebrating 15 Years Serving Arizona Businesses


The setting was the Moon Valley Country Club where a group of local business and community leaders gathered to discuss the prospect of starting a local business bank dedicated to serving Arizona's business and nonprofit communities. The general consensus was that the local business community was not being properly served by the large national banks. This diverse group with business, higher education, nonprofit and community experience and connections wanted to change that.

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PPP Loan Forgiveness Updates for 2022


SBA Paycheck Protection Program Loan Forgiveness for 2021 First and Second Draw loans is in full swing! If you have not yet applied for forgiveness, this is a great opportunity to submit your application. Forgiveness response times are at their shortest, and the process is fairly painless!

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Local Banks Need Local Representation


Congratulations to President and CEO Brian Ruisinger on his appointment to the Arizona Bankers Association Board. Brian shared his thoughts on the importance of representing the needs of local Arizona banks.

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Your Social-Media Activities Can be a Treasure Trove for Hackers


The post you "liked" on Facebook, your alma mater highlighted on LinkedIn ... they are all clues that can make you and your company vulnerable to fraud and phishing scams, according to a recent article in the Wall Street Journal (WSJ).

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Small Business Marketing: 7 Simple, Effective Ways to Differentiate Your Brand


It's the little things you do that set your business apart from your competitors. Of course, it's important to provide a quality product and excellent service to even have a chance at being successful. But what about those breakout moments where your business and brand can really shine? Ted Raymond, principal of Pixa Creative, a local marketing and branding agency, shared his tips to use your company brand to create a memorable customer experience and improve employee engagement at our ShopTalk for small businesses.

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Made in Arizona

Call us biased, but we believe locally-owned businesses work better. Because when you live next door to your customers, you try harder.

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