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A Business Plan is Not Just For Your Bank. It's For You Too


Creating a business plan is not just one of those tedious tasks to throw together a lengthy document that is solely for the purpose of ticking another box off a lender's checklist. A business plan will serve as your guidepost, your foundation, your mandate for conducting your business, and it should clearly communicate those crucial elements to those within your organization, as well as those outside.

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Tips for Nonprofits to Maximize Private Grant Opportunities


Securing grant funding is a strategic process that requires planning and preparation, according to Laura Bode, Director of Community Engagement at A New Leaf. During the Bank's recent ShopTalk event focused on strategic funding for nonprofit organizations, Laura shared her tips for maximizing private grant opportunities.

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Empowering Nonprofit Organizations to Achieve Goals


It shouldn't have been a surprise, but yet it was. During our most recent ShopTalk event focused on governance best practices for nonprofit organizations, the first thing our guest presenter pointed to was the importance of having a strategic plan.

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Kick-off Your 2020 Strategic Plan with These Proven Tips


Who needs a strategic game plan? Any business that wants to succeed. At RBAZ, our Strategic Business and Marketing Plan is fairly detailed and thoroughly discussed. It's formally updated once a year, but revisited several times throughout the year. This is a great time to get a jump start on your plan for 2020. Here are some thoughts you might find helpful as you begin.

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How to Keep Your Sales Pipeline Flowing


Our business bankers have built and continue to maintain a prospect pipeline with more depth and breadth than ever. So how are they doing this, and how can their success and experience help you develop the same for your business?

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