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Small Business Marketing: 7 Simple, Effective Ways to Differentiate Your Brand


It's the little things you do that set your business apart from your competitors. Of course, it's important to provide a quality product and excellent service to even have a chance at being successful. But what about those breakout moments where your business and brand can really shine? Ted Raymond, principal of Pixa Creative, a local marketing and branding agency, shared his tips to use your company brand to create a memorable customer experience and improve employee engagement at our ShopTalk for small businesses.

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Internal Loan Audits: Why They Matter to Bank Customers


"Internal loan audits give us a first-run review before the Federal Regulators come in for their reviews," says EVP and Chief Credit Officer Amy Lou Blunt. "This gives us an opportunity to learn and improve our own internal procedures. The audit ensures we comply with the thousands of regulations out there, that we're running the bank cost-effectively, and are providing shareholder value."

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LIBOR Transition: What You Need to Know


While Republic Bank of Arizona has few loans tied to LIBOR, we want to keep you informed of the important changes coming, what they mean and how you can prepare for any impacts this phase-out may have on you or your business.

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New PPP Rules Explained


President Biden announced many modifications to the Paycheck Protection Program last month. On March 3, 2021, the Small Business Administration issued its Interim Final Rule which outlines the actual rules and procedures to implement these changes.

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Do You Have a Bank or a Banker?


If you were asked, who's your banker, how would you respond? Would you respond with the name of a person? Or an institution? Your answer matters.

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