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We believe in building strong relationships with our clients. After all, we're part of the same community. Hear from some of the businesses and people we've helped over the years — and reach out to us about sharing your own story.

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Words From Our Fans

See what our business clients have to say about their experiences banking with Republic Bank of Arizona:

Jon Perkins, Sonoran Plumbing Supply

“I believe Republic Bank of Arizona is genuinely focused on helping local businesses be successful, and that’s great for us. I know I can count on Todd and his team to look out for us, and do what is in our best interest as a company.”

James Devlin, Sonoran Express Car Wash

“I’ve had a number of banking relationships with the large national and international banks and thought it would be easy to work with them on the capital structure for this business. I was absolutely shocked by the lack of interest, best case, or with the level of arrogance when I initially engaged them. From there, I stepped back to look for a partner that was focused on my business and my needs. Republic Bank of Arizona fit the bill immediately. They have SBA experience and a great team servicing my account -- in particular, Carlos Molina and Emily Chedister."

Malarie Woolf, Flip Dunk Sports

"What’s most important to me is the personal service we receive. I can call them and they know who I am and exactly what I need, and I appreciate the fact that they support local businesses like ours."

Peter Pascu, DWL Architects

"Our former bank kept changing our account representatives at a rapid rate. When it got to the point that our account representatives no longer understood the nature of our business, did not understand our business needs, and we became just another account number for them, we knew we needed to make a change. So we did. Switching to Republic Bank of Arizona proved to be just the partner we were looking for."

Frank Heldt, Heldt Lumber

"When we banked at a larger corporate bank, we sometimes felt like just a number. Banking at Republic Bank of Arizona, we have a sense that they understand who we are, what we do, and how we do it. I most appreciate the fact that it's a local bank and they make us feel very valued."

Aaron Klusman, Developer, Campbell Commons

"Anytime you get a group of people that believe in your abilities and have confidence in what you're doing, it's a big asset. The trust factor is big and works both ways with them willing to work with me, and my comfort level with Republic Bank of Arizona. I know I can trust them to do right by me." 

Samir Yono, Owner, All American Sports Grill

"As a business owner, I've been with multiple banks for over 50 years and have never received such a high level of client service as I have from Republic Bank of Arizona. Every loan request submitted was studied carefully and the approval was based on their guidelines but also on the experience of the client and their successes. Banking with a local bank who treats you like family makes all the difference."

Shahe Koulloukian, President, Mazvo, Inc.

"Being a small business owner and operator for over 19 years my primary focus has always been to build a lasting relationship with my clients and that is the same treatment I receive from Republic Bank of Arizona. Everyone at the bank is enthusiastic, responsive and attentive to my financial needs. Banking and buying local benefits all of us in the community." 

Jim LaBrie, Owner, Bug and Weed Mart Stores

"I switched from banking with an impersonal "big box, too-big-to-fail" institution and got a dramatically more personal and efficient experience from Republic Bank of Arizona. I like keeping business and personal monies here in Arizona, and the service from Republic Bank of Arizona has been exceptional!"

James E. Gerdes, President, Industrial Refrigeration & Boiler Company

"Republic Bank and other community banks are essential to keep Arizona generated banking profits available for reinvestment in Arizona enterprise rather than being sent out of our local economy."

Howard Peterson, Co-Owner, American West Construction and Development

"The banking team at Republic Bank of Arizona has done and continues to do an outstanding job in taking care of my company's business banking needs. In today's world of large, national banks, it is refreshing to work with a local bank that genuinely cares about its clients. If your business is looking for a hard-working banking partner, consider Republic Bank of Arizona."

Sonoran Plumbing Supply

Jon Perkins and his son Jonathan opened their plumbing supply store with a card table, two chairs, a pad of paper, and support from suppliers who offered him extended terms. Then it happened -- a friend from the past placed a very large order and paid for it up front.

Read Jon's story.

Sonoran Express Car Wash

“Having worked for a number of Fortune 500 companies, I realized I would like to own and operate my own business and focus on aspects of the business that really matter, not the seemingly endless distractions that don’t help build a respected brand that is solely focused on the customer experience,” said James Devlin, owner of Sonoran Express Car Wash.

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Flip Dunk Sports

“I wanted to create a place where kids could do as much or as little as they wanted,” said Malarie, a former ASU cheerleader. “Where they could choose to commit 20 hours a week for competitive gymnastics training, or just do recreational gymnastics and still have time to do something else like dance, homework, or have family time.“

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Previous Client Spotlights

DWL Architects

"I've always had the ability to think three dimensionally, and that in many ways led to my interest in architecture," said Pascu, executive vice president of DWL Architects, a firm that has successfully weathered the economic ups and downs for nearly 70 years.

Read Peter's story.

Spotlight on Heldt Lumber

“Some of the core products have stayed the same,” said Heldt. “A two-by-four is still a two-by-four, but many of the products we sell have changed since my father started the business 64 years ago. How the products are manufactured is different, how we take products to market has changed, even the customers we service are different.”

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Call us biased, but we believe locally-owned businesses work better. Because when you live next door to your customers, you try harder.

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