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What Makes a “Good Banker”?


Business people shaking hands at the office

You trust your bank with your information, funds and future growth. How do we build a team that is not only deserving of that trust but can also confidently advise and support you in achieving your business goals?

Banking professionals deal with numerous responsibilities and regulatory compliance in a highly competitive industry. Their mission is your success, the Bank’s success and their own professional success and advancement. With so much on the line, a banker needs to embody a broad range of qualities.

Here is our list of attributes we believe make up a “good banker:”

 Personal integrity

It’s number one on our list. Personal integrity is an indispensable quality for any banker. Customers trust banks with their hard-earned money, therefore, bankers who work at RBAZ must possess impeccable personal integrity.

Good judgment

A close second to personal integrity is the ability to exercise good judgment by encompassing knowledge, intelligence, and depth of experience.

Keen tactical skills

A good tactician will have the ability to structure transactions and effectively negotiate on behalf of the customer and the bank. Numbers don’t tell the whole story, but they play a leading role.

Effective communications

Highly developed communication skills are critical to communicating clearly and professionally while building strong business relationships.

Open personality

Let’s face it, you want to work with people you like. Having an engaging personality is important and a trait we seek in those we invite to be part of the RBAZ family.

Community minded

We believe the best bankers also see a world beyond their immediate sphere and commit to outside causes that are important to them. Being active in the communities they serve strengthens the bond between the bank and our local community.

When an organization finds a core team of people with these characteristics, there are few limits to what can be accomplished. With these attributes in mind, we are continuing to build and enhance our RBAZ team of bankers to support your success, our success and our community.