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Joe Brown with Accidental Law Group

Fighting the Good Fight in Arizona

Joe Brown fights for the underdog – a passion he developed while working for the other side as an insurance claims adjuster for a national insurance firm.

“They forget about the person and fight for the company,” says Joe, founder of Accident Law Group. “They deny claims because they can, and often people don’t have the means to sue or fight for their rights.” It’s why he started Accident Law Group (ALG) over six years ago: to make a difference.

A Turning Point in His Career

After graduating from Law School, Joe wanted to go into criminal law he explains. But he had difficulty getting a job in Arizona having graduated in DC. Law firms favored local grads to fill open positions at that time. So, he took a job as an associate attorney with a large personal injury firm – and he LOVED it. This is where he had the opportunity to provide fair representation on behalf of people seeking a fair settlement.

After 13 years and rising to a top-level position at the firm, he was ready to start his own law firm with a more personal approach; focusing on the client and giving quality personal service not often provided by other firms. ALG does this by keeping each attorney’s caseload low and maintaining a very robust litigation team.

“As a client of ALG, you’ll meet your attorney immediately,” says Joe. “Your attorney will handle all the intake and negotiations with the insurance company. If the case can’t be resolved, it will go to pre-litigation and then to a litigator. It’s the same model used by the insurance companies and we built it specifically for accident and injury cases.”

Passion Breeds Success

That business model seems to be extremely successful. Joe started his firm in 2015 with two other people. The firm has enjoyed explosive growth in six and a half years and now employs over 40 people.

“I always intended for the firm to be a top three law firm,” says Joe. “It was a lofty goal I know, but I felt that if we maintain our integrity and core values, always handling cases the right way, we would reach that goal.” Joe’s short-term growth plans include expansion in Tucson and New Mexico, a plan spurred by a recent acquisition.

Joe was unexpectedly approached by the owner of the Law Tigers, who specialize in motorcycle accidents, to take over their cases as the owner planned to retire. “They sought us out,” says Joe. “To me, it was an affirmation that how we handle cases is second to none. The company was familiar with us and know we will fight for their clients.”

Fortunately, Joe had built ALG with the infrastructure to quickly accommodate an opportunity such as this. “We were built for growth,” he says. The Law Tigers will be a blend of the two companies, continuing its brand while ALG handles the cases.

Accident Cases Only

As the name implies, Accident Law Group handles only accident and injury cases, but not just car accidents as you might assume. The company’s areas of specialization also include dog bites; motorcycle, bicycle and pedestrian accidents; head injuries; medical malpractice; and more.

You may have seen Joe on TV, showing up in the family car, or at the dinner table explaining how it’s impossible to “plan” for an accident. In his gentle way, he reminds us that accidents strike without warning and why you should call the Accident Law Group (ALG) when it happens.

Joe’s advice to anyone who sustains injury in an accident:

  1. Get medical attention. Even if you just feel sore at first, get seen by your doctor. It could develop into something more serious down the road.
  2. Seek counsel. Many injury law firms like ALG offer a free consultation to determine if getting a lawyer involved is in your best interest.

Invested in the Community

Giving back to the community has always been a top priority for Joe and his team. ALG recently joined with Mothers Against Drunk Drivers (MADD) as the exclusive personal injury partner. “I’m really excited about this new partnership,” says Joe. “We were looking for an organization that we could get behind. We want to do more than just write a check. We want to get involved by helping to promote and sponsor their activities and mission. MADD is a great organization and a great fit for our company.”

A “Rare” Banking Relationship

Finding a financial institution that truly understands how a personal injury law firm operates is difficult, according to Joe. But he found one in Republic Bank of Arizona. “The staff at RBAZ really understands our needs and goes above and beyond to get things done for us,” says Joe. “And that’s rare. They understand the value of my firm, how cases work, and how revenue is derived and obtained. They are committed to helping me grow my business. I know this is going to be a great relationship.”

“It’s exciting to support Joe and his future growth plan for the company,” says Brian Ruisinger, RBAZ president and CEO. “It’s obvious how passionate Joe is about fighting for the individual. We are lucky to have people like Joe fighting for us during difficult times. We are proud to support the financial needs of the Accident Law Group and look forward to a mutually-beneficial, long-term relationship.”