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Invisible Banking? Not on My Watch!




  • closely connected or appropriate to what is being done or considered.
  • appropriate to the current time, period, or circumstances; of contemporary interest.

“what small companies need is relevant advice”

I was reading yet another article on the top trends in the banking and financial services industry, to see if there were any salient points to incorporate into our future strategies. Leading the list was accelerating focus on digital transformation and the adoption of emerging technologies.

While I certainly do not disagree – RBAZ will be converting its core platform in the first quarter of 2023 to a far more robust, cloud-based product with tremendous enhancements – I believe the inherent benefits are in the improvement and expansion of the client experience, as well as staff efficiencies. However, the article was more focused on speed, virtual currencies and the value proposition of “invisible banks”.

On the topic of technology, I have also reviewed a number of software products that would facilitate online loan applications, artificial intelligence in financial spreads/analysis, and automating loan decisions. While I haven’t found quite the right fit just yet, I know it is out there, and will be excited to build out and launch as soon as feasible.

Again, the primary objective is to match the right loan product with a client’s needs and cash cycle, streamline and expedite the process, and provide value to each individual client.

So that takes us back to the value proposition. Transformations are being demanded of financial institutions to be relevant in the future. I cut and pasted the definition of “relevant” to the top of this article. I thought the example that Oxford Languages used what particularly appropriate – “what small companies need is relevant advice”.

This is where our bankers shine. This is the relationship part of relationship banking. NOT invisible banking.

So while we will continue to embrace technology to support and enhance banking, it will not replace the interaction between you and your banker, whether it be on the phone, in your office or ours, on the golf course or volunteering at a community event.

There are some things in community banking that just should not disappear.