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Today’s Workforce Challenges Require a Bold New Approach


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By Sue Thomas, Marketing Manager

Competition for talent is higher than we’ve experienced in decades. Today’s workforce challenges exemplify the importance of businesses to retain their best employees, while at the same time, position themselves to standout as an attractive place for new employees to start or continue their careers.

Easier said than done?

According to the experts at WorkTrend, a payroll and human capital solutions provider, it may be easier than you think. During a recent ShopTalk event at Republic Bank of Arizona, WorkTrend representatives outlined some striking statistics to underscore the benefits a fully automated HR solution can bring to your business.

The Shocking Stats

  • 85% of employees are not engaged in the workplace (Gallup)
  • 69% of employees say they would work harder if they felt more appreciated (Fastrack 360)
  • 73% of employees are considering leaving their jobs (JobList)

Every Touchpoint with Employees is Important

Cracks or disruptions in the employee life cycle can lead to employee dismay, distrust, stress and dissatisfaction, according to WorkTrend. And it starts with your recruitment and onboarding process. First impressions are everything. Job seekers today look for an onboarding experience that offers:

  • Online 24/7 access
  • Posting blitz to job boards
  • Clearly defined company brand and mission
  • Automated application process
  • Clear and direct communications
  • 100% electronic onboarding process available via a smartphone

Employees want to know that their employer has a process for everything including benefits enrollment, reviews, milestone recognition, and performance rewards. The best process is one that includes EVERYTHING, down to the nitty-gritty details like ordering businesses cards, name plates, and badges. This reduces employee stress and makes employees feel a part of the team immediately. And that’s important since statistics show many employees determine in their first two-weeks if they are going to stay.

Employees expect employers to have easy options for managing attendance, requesting time off, and accessing benefits and work schedules.

Create an Engaging Environment

Engaged employees are more productive, more profitable for your business and less likely to leave. Here are strategies successful companies use to create an engaging workplace environment:

  • Personalized dashboards that keep the most important information right where employees need it.
  • Pulse surveys designed to find out what a specific individual, group or function is thinking and feeling about a particular situation or project.
  • Crowdsourcing ideas that gain momentum with up votes from the organization.
  • Praise wall to recognize team members for outstanding performance.
  • Tools to publically recognize and reward employees throughout the year, and not just during performance reviews.
  • Gamification elements to encourage collaboration and engagement.

Automate for Greatest Success

Implementing an automated system like WorkTrend’s human capital solution to handle every aspect and detail of the employee lifecycle process is key. It takes the burden off businesses with small HR departments, while ensuring you don’t miss a beat in the employee’s journey. From job posting to retirement, businesses can attract, motivate, engage and retain valuable employees with human capital management systems that are affordable, easy to use, and easy to implement.

Access the full presentation here.