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High Tech or High Touch? Finding the Right Balance


By Amy Lou Blunt, EVP and Chief Credit Officer

The dilemma for a bank – to provide a stable, consistent, personal service oriented environment, or provide a digital, customizable technology platform for self directed service? Or, can we do both?

RBAZ’s Board of Directors and management team spend a great deal of time and thought on what our identity and mission is, will be, and should be. Then the strategic plan incorporates methods and tools to create this culture and delivery systems for our clients. We have traditionally provided a form of boutique banking for small to midsize businesses, with a strong emphasis on face-toface interaction, sharing of professional contacts, and experienced bankers in advisory roles. While this remains relevant to our client base, so does the onslaught of digital services and ease of access through technology platforms.

RBAZ is launching a variety of technology enhancements, and is also reviewing several services for the future. Providers are currently upgrading existing platforms as the latest versions add greater security and value. I have reviewed a number of automated loan decisioning products to assist in shortening the turnaround time of loan applications.

At this point, I have yet to find the right solution for RBAZ. There are a number of products designed specifically for small unsecured lines of credit, but so far, none that address the lion’s share of our business, which is commercial real estate lending. Several are in development or beta-testing, so I will continue to pursue this technology with the hope of streamlining and expediting the process from application to funding.

While we are consistently looking for ways to improve your experience, the accessibility to your banker — the one who knows you and your business — remains key to a solid financial relationship. That was proven throughout the PPP days, and, in my humble opinion, remains true for all time.

All “RBAZ time” anyway!