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PPP Has Let Us Show Our True Colors


By Brian Ruisinger, CEO

It has been related many times that in a crisis we show our true colors, some stumble, some step up. I have been humbled and honored to work with a group of people who have stepped up in inspiring ways. Our bankers.

Republic Bank of Arizona has received a flood of applications and requests for the SBA-funded Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loans. With the race for funding and the stipulations surrounding the loans, our bankers have worked long hours, stepping into additional roles as needed, attending conference calls to understand the ins and outs of the loan program, fielding calls from customers and non-customers alike.

Talk about stepping up …. I’m truly amazed, inspired and grateful to work with such a caring, competent, knowledgeable and hardworking team. Here’s a quick look at what we were able to do.

“I just wanted to say how thankful I am that Republic Bank of Arizona has come through for Connect the Dots. I’ve heard from countless business owners that have had a different experience that I’ve had. Thank you for our relationship and for all of your work!”

— Karie Cowden, Connect the Dots Promotions

I would have to say, from my experience, community banks are like this. It’s a close-knit group of folks with strong relationships with customers, and a deep-connection to the community. Since RBAZ is a business bank that focuses on supporting the local business and nonprofit community, and an existing SBA lender, it has been natural for us to step up. It’s what we do every day without fanfare, but this event became our time to shine.

A Difficult, But Rewarding Experience

One of the things that keeps us going is the appreciation expressed by our valued, courageous small business customers out there trying to weather this storm. They are struggling, and we are in a wonderful position to help.

“Republic Bank of Arizona is our hero! Not only was the team completely on top of the PPP, they have all been so responsive and willing to help. I realize that banks everywhere are overloaded trying to roll out this new and unprecedented program. I hate to think of where we would be today without Republic Bank. My hope is that every small business/nonprofit that was not a customer, but that Republic Bank helped during this time of great need, will move their banking and become a customer.”

— Aimee Runyon, Assistance League of Phoenix

Their kind words and expressions of gratitude mean the world to us. This is especially true of our “new” customers who were unable to get funding by their existing bank, as well as existing customers who know of other business associates who are dissatisfied with the service they are getting from their existing financial institutions.

We are sharing many of these words of kindness on our website  and via LinkedIn as we are so proud to support our local business and nonprofit community. Our motto is, and has been SHOP LOCAL. DINE LOCAL. BANK LOCAL.

“Thank you! You and your team are rock stars. I wish we would have known about you guys in round one of the PPP. You have been so much faster and responsive than other banks!”

— Yiorgos Makris BSA, MSA, EA, Omega Business

Please stay safe, and let us know if Republic Bank of Arizona can help you during this difficult time. The only way we’ll get through this is by working together, supporting each other, and letting our true colors shine through.