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4 Reasons Board Service Can Be Good For Business


Whether you are a young entrepreneur, owner of an established business, or a seasoned CEO, serving on a public or nonprofit board can offer significant benefits to you and your company:

1) Boosts Your Public Profile

Serving on a board of directors gets your name out in the public. You’ll likely be included on the organization’s website, in its publications, and other materials. You’ll have the opportunity to be a resource for articles, make presentations, serve on panels at conferences and be quoted in press releases. You can also put your board service on your business profile or bio.

2) Increased Networking Opportunities

In addition to your fellow board members, you’ll network with staff, customers, and shareholders of the organization who can serve as a resource for you and may introduce you to their peers and associates. “Board service provides a unique opportunity to work in a collaborative way with other highly accomplished individuals from a diverse background and with unique talents,” says RBAZ Chairman Alan Sparks.

3) Chance to Make a Difference

If you’re looking to give back, board service is one way to do that. Serving on a public board gives you a chance to support a local business and enhance its performance by offering your perspective and knowledge as a successful business owner. “The views and perspectives of individual board members reflect many different industries and combine to give the institution results greater than any single person can contribute,” says Alan.

4) Personal Growth Opportunities

While you may have much to give in terms of your own knowledge and talents, you can also receive. “Serving on the Board is the ultimate learning opportunity for me,” says RBAZ Board Member Judy Lynn. “While I will always have more and more to learn, I am pleased with how much I have learned over the years about banking operations and regulations.” Board Member Camala Bailey agrees, “I better understand the business of banking in terms of income, expenses, banking and business regulations, and much more.”

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