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Grinch-Free Food Drive Yields Over 700 Meals


two ladies at a food drive

December 2018

The competition was fierce. The creativity was phenomenal. And the participation outstanding.

It’s official … the Bank’s 2018 St. Mary’s Food Drive was a can-tastic success!

This year’s annual event featured bake sales, potlucks, game day fun, family meal competitions, mystery food days, and the final event, the Can-struction competition. The events helped keep the (food) drive alive and resulted in six food drive boxes over-flowing with much-needed food items for families in need throughout the community.

Here’s how the events played out:

Bake Sales & Cake Walks – RBAZ staff baked up a storm and donated scrumptious treats to sell during the day and use for a cake walk. The entry fee to participate in the cake walk was, of course, donated food items. What a delectable idea!

Game Day Fun – You could feel the competition in the air as staff members challenged each other to Scrabble, Jenga, checkers, Backgammon and more … but it was all in good fun. And you had to pay to play in the form of food drive can-tributions.

Mystery Food Days – Each Tuesday, team leads would select one item from the list of most-needed foods as the “mystery” item. Whoever brought that particular item in that day won a prize.

Family Meal Competition – Keeping the needs of the families in mind, the two food bank teams were challenged to present a themed meal from appetizers to dessert using the donated food items. The presentations were judged and the winning team won a prize for their Italian-themed meal.

Can-struction Competition – The final event was a highly creative, fiercely competitive challenge to build a structure using donated food items. The two structures featured The Bridge to End Hunger and The Road to Bountiful. The two creative structures were judged and the winning team won a fabulous prize.

In the end, the Bank’s donations totaled 930 pounds! That’s enough to provide 775 meals for hungry and food insecure Arizona families. Read more about how RBAZ has fostered a Caring Culture.