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We wanted to work with a local community bank. A few colleagues recommended Republic Bank of Arizona. We talked to a lot of banks before making a decision. We feel RBAZ is the best vendor partnership we have.

— Trase Barney, HealthyU Family Medicine

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We chose Republic because we know and trust the people working there. I know if there's ever anything I need, I can pick up the phone and get a decision-maker on the line. You guys are friendly, and I get the sense that you want us to succeed.

— George Botea, Black Mountain Investment Company

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What drew me to Republic Bank of Arizona is their involvement in the business community. When PPP came out and I was scrambling for information, my bank would not help me. I decided to move my accounts over ASAP and I have not looked back since.

— Teresa Ornelas, Great Impact

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I really like that I can walk into Brian's office and say 'here's what I need,' and he'll listen and help. I couldn't imagine doing what I do working with a national bank.

— Todd Bond, Bond Properties

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The bank was really incredible during the PPP loan process. We had a very successful and seamless experience, which I know many other businesses did not receive from their bank. We are very grateful for the bank?s help leading us through the process.

— Elizabeth Oviedo, Symmetry Software

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They care about each client and work hard to find a loan that works for you. I have had a relationship with many banks over the years, but none that met the gold standard in my book like the Republic Bank of Arizona!

— Ginny Jontes, Heidi's Village

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I like that Republic Bank of Arizona is local and not part of a huge corporation.

— Benjamin Hall, Benjamin Hall Design

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When we banked at a larger corporate bank, we sometimes felt like just a number. Banking at Republic Bank of Arizona, we have a sense that they understand who we are, what we do, and how we do it. I most appreciate the fact that it's a local bank and they make us feel very valued.

— Frank Heldt, Heldt Lumber

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I am impressed with the progress the Bank has made, becoming a highly-rated, financially sound institution focused on supporting local businesses and the local community.

— Ralph Rockow, Exodyne

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The Bank has been phenomenal to work with. They've bent over backwards to meet our needs.

— Tim Kuhn

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Republic Bank of Arizona offered the personal, human element we needed, focusing more on accommodating our needs and building a relationship with us.

— Tom Shorall, Shorall McGoldrick Brinkmann

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I believe Republic Bank of Arizona is genuinely focused on helping small businesses be successful, and that's great for us. I know I can count on them to do what is in our best interest as a company.

— Jon Perkins, Sonoran Plumbing Supply

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Our former bank kept changing our account representatives at a rapid rate. When it got to the point that we became just another account number for them, we knew we needed to make a change. So we did. Switching to Republic Bank of Arizona proved to be just the partner we were looking for.

— Peter Pascu, DWL Architects

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The Bank continues to work with us to help us save money and be better stewards with the resources entrusted to us.

— Andy Price, Scout Executive, Boy Scouts of America

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Veteran Banker Builds Trust with Clients

With a rich background in banking, lending and finance, RBAZ Banker Bob Cooper easily connects with clients while being laser-focused on helping them grow their business.

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